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Ingrid: your internet- roadside-map-kiosk idea is great! I'd post an update...


Ditto, as they say, great minds think alike. :)

I for one have been frustrated by the "driving direction" Yahoo! gives everytime when I check out a new place in the city. Have to resort to another website, subway finder, for orientation.

Besides, the 'arms race' to put satellite maps, some years old, online is beyond me.

On a related note, these driving directions are perhaps more relevant when you're on the road - I can attest to the pressing need recently when returning from Vermont. A last minute change of plan led to 'uncharted territory', and an idea dawned one me: Wouldn't it be a great service for Verizon to set up some public internet booths at highway sevice areas or rural gas stations? That is, as public utilities, not unlike the ubiquitous public/pay phones. The utilitarian dimension of the internet remains to be tapped.

A footnote: In Switzerland, as recent as a few years ago, there were SwissCom terminals at train platforms for both voice and email access - swipe your credit card and off you go. In contrast, in the "Anglo" world, email access is more of a private nature with gadgets like Blackberry, etc. Different God, different mountaintops, perhaps?!

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