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Starbucks is one of the successful chain businesses today. Because of it, the owner had already put up number of chains because of the high demand of their people towards to their specialties.

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Aside from trademark merchandising, with over 9000 locations worldwide, Starbucks is a retail powerhouse - what about cross-promotional campaigns?

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You're a braver woman than I it was weeks before I could even begin to think about looking at the incisions from my lap. Even now I don't like to touch them.



Apparently, it's one of the gods of Aztec Mythology; in charge of precious things. I'd leave you to read the rest:


How did they come up with that name? And what does it mean?


Love their Chantico ;)


I betcha, there's going to be a day when they start serving coffee with pearls!


Well they are indeed doing something right... to have such loyal customers like you. Will I start getting direct mail: get a free cup of joe?

Also, I'm surprised the CDs are selling well. I always thought no one ever buys them.

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